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Below is from FNC’s Chad Pergram

Urgent: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to what’s next on Capitol Hill

The House will come back into session sometime in the next hour or so.


The House must first approve the “rule” which governs how the body will handle the revamped CR on the floor.


You have to approve a rule before the House can debate most bills on the floor. If the rule fails, they can’t consider the new CR plan. We are told there are some reservations with the GOP’s plan…and they could blow up the rule. Many Republicans are privately dreading this vote…because they don’t want to hurt their staff by taking away the Obamacare subsidy.


So if the rule implodes on the floor, the House GOP is in a very bad spot here…they are imperiled as they cannot even bring their own plan to the floor. And at the point, the GOP would own the shutdown…as they could not respond to the Senate.


But…if everything on the rule goes fine, the House can then begin debating the actual revamped CR. After debate is concluded, they would vote and ping-pong the bill back to the Senate again. Then the ball would be in the Senate’s court with just a couple of hours or less…before midnight.


Chad Pergram

FOX News

Senior Producer for Capitol Hill