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Harry Reid

Below is from FNC Kara Rowland:

Ongoing from the Senate floor right now: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is accusing Republicans of trying to “cherrypick” the parts of government they like to fund and calls it “just another wacky idea.”



We support veterans, parks … but we can’t and we won’t be forced to choose between parks and cancer research or disease control or highway safety or the FBI …

Reid says it isn’t a “serious” plan

Here’s their plan … some of the rabble rousers over here have said what they want to do is to take little bits and pieces of the federal govt … veterans today, parks tomorrow … this would go on for weeks … but what won’t get funded is Obamacare

It’s so obvious … in light of the fact they can’t end Obamacare



Kara Rowland

Capitol Hill producer, Fox News