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Urgent: Injuries to USCP officer don’t appear to be life threatening

Per Pergram-Capitol

Off-cam from Senate Sergeant at Arms Terry Gainer, former Chief of the US Capitol Police.

Gainer says suspect vehicle did not adhere to orders from the Secret Service at the White House and tried to run the barricades there.

A chase ensued.

Came up to the Capitol and made several circuits around Garfield Circle in front of the Capitol.

The suspect was a woman and “had a child in the car.”

A USCP cruiser joining the chase came down Lousiana Avenue from the Union Station area at what Gainer described as at “emegency speed.”

As that cruiser tried to make the hard left onto Louisiana, the USCP raised the barriers on Constitiution.

Gainer says the cruiser “seriously clipped” the barricade and did “a lot of damage.”

Gainer says he does not know if the female suspect “who was shot was armed or not.”

Says injuries to officer are “not life threatening.”

Chad Pergram
FOX News
Senior Producer for Capitol Hill