Sen. Harry Reid calls his acceptance of Republican spending levels in a CR was “the biggest compromise I’ve ever made” in 31 years in Congress

Reid Boehner

See notes below from FNC’s Kara Rowland:

On the Senate floor, Reid says Boehner called him on Sept. 9 saying we’ve got to get this [CR] done. Reid told him he couldn’t do Boehner’s spending number of $988B – Senate Budget Chairwoman Patty Murray’s preferred number was $70 billion more – and Boehner responded to Reid that he wanted to get this done and didn’t want it to be a big fight.

Reid: Even though it was desperately hard to do … we agreed to do it. That was a compromise. I’ve been in Congress 31 years and that’s the biggest compromise I’ve ever made. My caucus didn’t like it but we did it. In an effort to have a clean CR. You talk about compromise, that was big time.

But speaker Boehner … he couldn’t get it done.

Reid: I know what legislation’s all about … we have compromised in bigtime fashion.