ATF releases statement on Fast and Furious whistleblower’s book


See below from FNC’s Shayla Bezdrob…

***ATF says while they have received Dodson’s manuscript, they have not finished reviewing it. The agency also points out their general rules for all their employees – which says no employee can make money by utilizing any knowledge acquired while working for ATF.  They consider getting paid for writing a book which involves the agency as outside employment.

Full statement below




ATF has not denied the publishing of a manuscript or an individual’s 1st Amendment rights. We have denied Mr. Dodson outside employment which can be denied for any reason by a supervisor. While his supervisor stated morale and interagency issues for the denial, the fact remains no agent may profit financially from information gained through his federal employment while still an employee.

This is not about 1st Amendment rights: this is about a current employee trying to profit financially from knowledge he has gained while currently employed as a special agent.


It is improper to approve ATF individuals involved in any investigation to profit financially from their experience while employed. According to the Office of Government Ethics and under the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 5 subsection 2635.807(a): in part states “An employee, including a special Government employee, shall not receive compensation from any source other than the Government for teaching, speaking or writing that relates to the employee’s official duties.”