Just how badly can we possibly treat our vets? It is horrible! Don’t we owe them more than this? Click to see the latest

In the last few days, you have been appalled at what the politicians have done to the families of the soldiers (26) who have died since the shutdown on October 1.  Well…there is more news tonight — if someone has an issue with the VA, the process is to appeal that issue.  These appeals are very important to vets.  But see the memo below from my FNC colleague John Roberts.   (And by the way, check out the last paragraph in his memo — this deplorable situation existed even before the shutdown.  Our vets volunteer to protect us, risk their lives, and this is the service we give them ?  Disgraceful!)

VA Secretary Erik Shinseki told the House Veterans Affairs Committee yesterday that processing of VA appeals has halted because of the shutdown.


Shinseki said: “the processing of appeals will be suspended once funding is exhausted as of October 7th.” The Secretary went further and said, VA “employees who process appeals at VBA’s 56 Regional Offices and the [Appeals Management Center] have already been furloughed….”


As of September 30, 2013, the number of pending appeals at VA was 258,077. This is in addition to the 725,000 new claims pending at VA.



John Roberts

Senior National Correspondent

Fox News Channel