Here is a letter sent by an insurance provider to a current client about his insurance costs under Obamacare?


I was sent these two letters below.  They show, per the emailer (viewer of OTR at 7pm) that her son’s  insurance is going from $159/month to $285/month.  You can tell from her email, she is very steamed about this.

This is the $126 per month price difference ($285-$159) under Obamacare.


Subject: GretaWire Comments..My son’s insurance UP from $159 to $285!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My son’s insurance went up due to the ACA (as stated on the letter attached from Aetna) from $159 to $285 a month. See attached. I am disgusted with each and every member of congress and senate. Please Greta…..we need term limits on these thieves. They have jobs for a lifetime….what they do is all about politics they could care less about we the people. What I mean about politics is that what they do is about doing for themselves. They live as true Kings and Queens and they fight for what they want and their special interest (McConnell’s $2.9 Billion Dam). My husband and I are still waiting to find out how this will affect our insurance rates. I retired early due to health and my husband is to retire next year…..wonder if we can now afford it.


Dear ****

We’re here to help you with your health insurance

We value our customers. We want to help you understand your health plan options


The AFFordableCare Act (ACA) is changing health insurance. This includes adding

new preventive care and essential health benefits requirements. The ACA also ends

medical underwriting. Due to these and other changes, some people will pay more

Fortheir health coverage, and others less.

The ACA will aFFectyour health insurance plan. Your current policy will end December

31,2013. You need to buy a new plan now so that you do not have a gap in coverage

on January 1,2014.

Your buying options are:

1. Buya 2013 Aetna plan, eFFectivein December. This plan is identical to your current

coverage and continues For 12 months. Then you will need to buy a new ACA plan. IF

you choose this option, please take action by November 25, 2013.

2. Buy a 2014 Aetna ACA plan, eFFectiveJanuary 1; 2014. This plan meets all ACA requirements.

IFwe don’t hear Fromyou or you don’t take any action, we will automatically

enroll you into the 2014 ACA plan below. +

._._’_.– —

This chart shows the plans and monthly rates’ Foryou and your Family (iFapplicable). M

Current Plan 2013 December Plan**” 2014 ACA Plan”””

$159                             $163                           $285

FL Health Network

Option 1500

FL Health Network Option


Aetna Classic 3500 PD

$159 $163 $285

Starting on October 1,2013 see your plan options and make your decision by going to


1.Be sure to have your Member 10 card and Billing Number ~~

2. Set up a Username and Password to access the online tool whenever you want.