The disgraceful court system in California – what is wrong with California? Scott Peterson’s murder case is STILL on appeal – guess how many years!

Scott Peterson

I was sent a note from someone that convicted murderer Scott Peterson’s mother Jackie died (I can’t confirm.)  I had forgotten about him and wondered the status of his appeal.  I did a little research, was reminded that his conviction was November 2004, sentenced to death shortly thereafter and  learned that his appeal just got filed in July 2012 and is still pending.  Just filed?  And still pending?  California must be the most inept judicial system in the country.  Regardless if one is innocent and wrongfully convicted or guilty as sin, nothing in the judicial system should take that long!  Appeals should be prompt and 9 +years and counting is not prompt.  That is disgraceful. 

What is wrong with California?  Their justice system is broken beyond repair.