Two of my favorite pics because they say something — click to see

Bush 41

I was going through my photos and spotted this one.

The pic above was taken years and years and years after President Bush 41 left office (not when I would have been covering him as part of my job) — it was taken, I think, about 2005? 6? 7? and of course he left the Presidency in 1992.  I was at the White House covering the Easter egg roll and the Secret Service came up to me and said, “President Bush 41 is visiting.  He would like to see you.  It is difficult for him to walk – and the interior of the White House was off limits for security reasons because of the crowds gathered – so do you mind standing right here so that he doesn’t have to look for you on the grounds?  He just wants to come out and say hello.” This pic shows the greeting….and anyone who knows President Bush 41, knows that he is the most generous kind hearted man (ask President Bill Clinton – who started CGI to help – and he will agree with my description of President Bush 41.  See below one of my favorite pics – the two former Presidents – and yes the media – working together to put a spotlight on the hardship of other Americans.)

I am not the only one – many in the media, many in  the opposing party or just a neighbor etc – who gets this warm greeting from our Former President.  He is kind.  He cares.  He really cares.   The volunteer program he started years ago – Points of Light – is just one small sample of his bigness. 

And now the reason for posting these pics….

Don’t you wish, with all our differences and all our nation’s problems, we could some how work together like these two former Presidents?  We don’t have to agree — but do we need to be shoving knives into each other?   

You would not believe the mean spirited press releases I receive daily from some politicians…I would be so ashamed if I sent these (or thought as they do) and I don’t think they even realize how nasty they are and thus how painfully ineffective they are at serving our nation because they are too busy insulting each other.

Clinton Bush

 And the media?  Some are up to their eyeballs in it.  When some are not saying stupid stuff about each other, they are not working on getting the news, identifying differences, but rather stirring up trouble between politicians.  There is a big difference between being a journalist doing a job and calling yourself a journalist when you are just part of the problem.

I don’t post this to suggest that I am perfect – I certainly am not – but I am at least trying to take a look at how to do my job right.  That IS a start, right?  

PS – I have good relationships with Democrats, too.  There are many I admire in both parties