Greta Home and Academy in Haiti – check this out!

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As you know, I have the great honor of being part of Greta Home and Academy in Haiti with Reverend Franklin Graham and the wonderful people at Samaritan’s Purse.

In anticipation of the Christmas holidays, my husband and I wanted to do something special for the 70 children who live at Greta Home and Academy.

So? what’s the plan?  My husband and I are buying each of the 80 children new shoes and each gets one gift.

If you know me, I am a lousy shopper….but…I am so lucky….the Samaritan’s Purse crew and volunteers are helping me.  Here are the pics and a note to me:  (and thank you to the helpers!)

Note that besides the shoes, each child was asked what he / she would like for a gift — so the shoppers went out and actually FOUND the gift each child wants.

And this is fun…..Reverend Graham, my husband and I are traveling to Haiti at Christmas so we can actually hand each child his/her news shoes and the special other gift each requested.

PS: Note to Haiti customs: please don’t give us a hard time…process these items through…of course inspect them, but don’t hold them up.


Good afternoon Greta.


Attached are just a few pictures of our wonderful crew of volunteer shoppers for the children at Greta Home & Academy. I can’t adequately convey how excited they were to get to be a part of this special project you made possible. And if the shoppers were this excited, can you imagine how the children will be blessed?!


The shoppers shared great stories of store clerks giving additional discounts and even donating items when they heard the story of who the gifts were destined for. Each child’s wish list was fulfilled, and now the gifts will be transported to Haiti and individually giftwrapped there by our staff.


Thanks again for all you have done.




Paula Woodring


Director of Quality Assurance | OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT/CEO



Each box is tagged for the individual child; the gifts will be wrapped on site in Haiti (must clear Customs in Haiti.)


The shoppers ‘oohed and ahhed’ over the selected gifts.


What lucky boy asked for a shirt and tie?  because he is getting a great one, isn’t he?

13110HT-A-104These are my shopping elves….I love them.



I confess, I would like a pair of shoes like these – I love the colors.  If you have been to Haiti, you know they love love love colors and bright ones!  Their vehicles are painted in wild colors.13110HT-A-110 13110HT-A-117