I told you this last December! And to get a jump on it…..in December I got on a plane …..click to read


Of course I am not pushing this and I don’t know….this is just my having some fun playing the politics game like everyone else and guessing about 2016.  2016 feels very far off…but at the same time, in an odd way, very close.  So….read on…

Last December I got on a plane and flew to New Mexico to interview Governor Susana Martinez because, looking at the tea leaves, she has a lot of what the Republican Party might be looking for in 2016.  I wanted to be one of the first to interview her (by the way, it was not easy to book….it took weeks of us trying!)  

 Since then I have not exhaustively scoured Governor Martinez’s past to see if there is something that might put the brakes on her political future but do note that she is a Governor who has done very well in a Democratic state with a Democratic legislature, she is a former prosecutor, Hispanic, very active in the RGA (Republican Governors’ Association)….etc…and, of course, a woman.   She also dazzled the crowd at the Republican Convention when she spoke.  The foregoing suggests to me that she is a player.

 Now I see below a Santa Fe newspaper article about her recent trip to New Jersey to help Governor Chris Christie campaign.  This confirms my early suspicions that we are going to see more and more of Governor Martinez.  Conservative members of her Party may say she is too moderate and took the Medicaid expansion — but, on the other hand, in 2016 the Republican Party may be looking for a moderate.  

NOTE ONE THING:  the chatter is about her ‘on’ the ticket as VP…..what’s wrong with a woman being the TOP part of the political ticket as the Presidential candidate and let a man run as the be the VP?  If the Democrats can nominate a woman – Secretary Hillary Clinton – why can’t the Republicans?  Strategically this could be important for either / both parties. 


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By Steve Terrell

The New Mexican | 12 comments


Gov. Susana Martinez’s trip to New Jersey this week to campaign for Gov. Chris Christie has some national political pundits’ tongues wagging about a 2016 Republican “dream ticket.”


Martinez joined Christie at campaign stops in at least six locations Monday, the last day of the New Jersey campaign. As expected, Christie, who is considering a presidential run, won re-election Tuesday by a comfortable margin. Christie’s campaign paid for Martinez’s travel expenses.


While the 2016 campaign is a long way off — and many question whether Christie can survive a GOP primary — headlines in national online news publications fueled speculation about the future for both governors.


Business Insider published this story: “Last Night, We Got Our First Look At Chris Christie With The Woman He Might Pick For Vice President.”


The NorthJersey.com blog site also included a post about the duo: “2016 preview? Christie campaigns in Hillside with New Mexico’s GOP governor.”


“In many ways, Martinez is the perfect complement to Christie, amplifying his strengths as a politician,” Business Insider’s Brett Logiurato wrote Tuesday. “She is relatively young (54) and a moderate who maintains strong popularity in a blue state. She has worked closely with a legislature held by Democrats and bucked her party by taking the Medicaid expansion in Obamacare. Perhaps most importantly, she’s almost 2,000 miles removed from the poisonous politics of Washington, D.C. … Her appearances with Christie Monday sparked a buzz in the political press that we could be seeing a preview of the Republican ticket in 2016.”


John Reitmeyer, who writes for The Record, a New Jersey newspaper, wrote in a blog Monday on NorthJersey.com, “Many also viewed their appearances together on Monday as a test-drive