Rough notes from President Obama’s interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd


See below…sent to me by FNC’s William Turner:

9:03:18 I meant what i said. we worked hard to implement this properly. but obviously we didn’t do a good job.

9:03:43 alot of these are subpar plans. people since grandfather period have since bought subpar plan.

9:04:13i’ve assigned my team to find ways to close holes.

9:04:41 we are proud of consumer protections we’ve put into place. but we don’t want to put people in position where plan is cancelled.

9:05:04 we are gonna work hard to make sure these folks are taken care of.

9:05:28 we weren’t as clear as we needed to be. want to do everything we can to make sure ppl are in better position than before this law happened.

9:05:50 keep in mind most ppl whose plans were cancelled can get better plans.

9:06:04 most people better off, but bc website isn’t working properly, they don’t know that yet.

9:06:51 Todd: are you concerned about credibility?

9:07:04 Obama: been pres for almost five years. for most part, people know i speak my mind. i’m very clear about what i try to do.

9:07:43 Todd: will website be working at end of November? if not, what are other options?

9:08:02 obama: i’m deeply frustrated about how website hasn’t worked for first few weeks. i take responsibility.

9:08:33 majority of people will be able to get on and get better deal.

9:08:48 i’ve been burned, american people have been burned with a website doesn’t work. we’ve been working on other tracks: phone, mail.

9:09:30 we’ve got time to get website fixed and continue to assess.

9:10:01 i think kathleen Sebelius under tremendously difficult circumstances has done a great job in setting up the insurance markets so that there’s a good product out there for people to get. you know, kathleen Sebelius doesn’t write code. she wasn’t our IT person. I think she’d be the first to admit, if we had to do it all over again, there would have been a whole lot more questions asked in terms of how this thing is working.

9:10:55 ultimately, the buck stops with me.



9:36:40 I can guarantee that i’ve been more deeply involved in intell when there were threats to national security as any president.

9:37:21 when i’m presented with intell about allies, i’m not probing about how we obtained it.

9:37:57 we’re so much better than anybody else (at gathering intell).



9:38:38 when we’ve got a healthcare rollout that’s as important to the american people and me that doesn’t work like a charm, it’s my fault.

9:39:17 Part of what I’m going to be looking across the board is how do we leap into the 21st century.


On Iran

9:50:09 Our job is not to trust iranians. it’s to put measures in place to verify.

9:50:52 our job now is to test how serious they are to resolve this conflict.

9:51:34 if it turned out that during negotiations they back away, we can crank that valve (of sanctions) back up.

9:51:58 the best way to assure ourselves is if we have a verifiable means…so international organizations can see what they’re doing.