TREATY: TIME TO RATIFY! (actually it should already have happened!) UNITED NATIONS CONVENTION on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)

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The US Senate is taking up the Disabilities Treaty after a year ago failing to ratify it.  If you look at the bipartisan list of Senators (and Members of House) supporting it, you would be amazed that it has not already been ratified.

A very short list of supporters:

Senator Bob Dole (WW2 vet seriously injured) – R

Rep Tammy Duckworth (Iraq vet who lost both legs) – D

Senator John McCain (POW Viet Nam with permanent injuries from captivity) – R

President Obama signed in 2009 – just need ratification

The bipartisan list is long.  What stands out to me is that injured vets, on both sides of the aisle, want us to ratify the Treaty. They know better than the rest of us and if these bipartisan heroes say it is the right thing to do, count me in!

To ratify a Treaty, 2/3 of Senators must vote for it. Last year the Treaty fell short by 5 votes to hit that 2/3 mark. Only 5 Republican Senators voted for it but this time around it is expected more will vote for it.

On November 5, Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte read Senator Dole’s statement in support of ratification to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Senator Dole was too frail to speak to the Committee himself.

No Treaty or law is ever perfect…but when I see our vets (especially those injured so severely protecting us) band together and ask the nation to do something, I know it is important.