I don’t have any problem with CNN’s Cuomo interviewing his brother NY Governor Cumo about the train crash — some do, but I don’t

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Maybe it is my background in law ….but I have no problem with Chris Cuomo interviewing his brother the NY Governor about the train crash.  A conflict of interest is when some vital information is deliberately hidden from the viewer so that the viewer can’t make a decision himself/herself about the content of an interview and the potential for bias.

What could be more obvious here?  They are both named Cuomo!  And if that is not enough, per the article linked below, CNN’s Cuomo said “Now obviously to those who don’t know, we are family, so we’ve been talking about this a lot.”

The critics of Cuomo must think the viewers are stupid or something — I don’t.  I know the viewers are smart and will decide for themselves if they think Chris Cuomo ‘pulled his punches’ while interviewing his brother.  It is also noteworthy that this was about a train crash and not about the Governor running for re-election.

Should Cuomo have denied his viewers an opportunity to hear from the Governor of New York state about breaking news because they are brothers? or let the viewers hear it?  I think more news is better than less.  (And since when should media critics decide what you hear?  Can’t you decide yourself?)

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