Time for Secretary Sebelius to go? Click to read


Below is taken from the press release (click back one posting.)  At the hearing on Dec 11, Secretary Sebelius should be grilled on the information in the red text below.  Was she being cagey on April 18?  Health care is not a political game…it is a life or death situation for many Americans.  Secretary Sebelius had a duty to be straight with the Committee on April 18 and the American people.  I look forward to her explanation (and a fact verification for what the committee claims is in the documents and what she knew and said on April 18.)  If she has a good explanation….that is great.  If not, she should go.


Secretary Sebelius last appeared before the full committee on October 30. Since then the committee’s investigation into the law’s failed rollout has uncovered documents demonstrating that on April 4 she was warned of the challenges about meeting the October 1 launch date, but on April 18 testified that implementation was “on track.”

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