Too bad this has to be …


I was driving to work today and got caught in a common traffic issue in Washington, DC: the Presidential motorcade. As I watched the motorcade buzz by, I noticed for the first time that in the long line of cars — after all the armed SUV’s etc and the President’s limo — was an ambulance.  I had never noticed that the Presidential motorcades include an ambulance – and for short travel.  

Of course we want our Presidents safe, and of course we have seen danger (Kennedy and Reagan are two examples) but it also occurred to me how sad it is that we have to do this (and we must) and especially in our nation’s capitol.  

Sure, the ambulance could be included because of the risk of a routine health issue (heart attack) — but it really is a reminder to me of the other real risks for our Presidents.  Our Presidents are not safe.  That’s really too bad.  It is bad for the Presidents (they live in a bubble and don’t really get to know us and our problems) and it is bad for the American people (we never get to know them and understand them.  They are distant.) 

Would it not be great if our Presidents could freely roam the streets and talk to people — instead of the programmed, audience hand picked, Secret Service swept events that they have all been sentenced to for the last 60 plus years?   But …that is a fantasy.  The world is way too dangerous.


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