Is President Obama playing lawyer? preparing his defense?


I just heard a soundbite that FNC’s Ed Henry tossed to in which President Obama says some Republicans are trying to encourage young people to NOT sign up for Obamacare.

I have not seen those groups or efforts ….but maybe they exist….I don’t know…

But my thought when I heard the President in that soundbite is that he is shrewdly preparing his ‘defense’ for when the numbers come out and if few young people sign up.  That’s what a good lawyer does — anticipate worse case scenario and be prepared.  Build your defense now – start talking about it now – just in case.  He obviously wants to blame the Republicans and not his own program.

If young people don’t sign up, I think the reason is that young people may have ‘done the math’ and decided  they would rather pay the IRS that $95 tax than spend hundreds of dollars more on health insurance.  For a young person to opt instead to buy insurance requires a level of responsibility that frankly I don’t think I had when I was young.

What do you think?  Is the President playing lawyer? or is he right that if young people don’t sign up it is in significant part to Republicans specifically discouraging them?

(By the way, if you know of any Republican or conservative groups on a campaign to discourage young people from signing up for Obamacare, please post here so I can check it out.)

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