Statement from MD Anderson in response to FT story that major research centers like MD Anderson are getting bumped from insurance networks

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Tonight ON THE RECORD at 7pm I am going to have my “OFF THE RECORD” comment about this topic.  In the meantime, here is a statement from MD Anderson:

“All patients deserve access to top tier cancer care. MD Anderson and the nation’s other top cancer centers play a key role in the fight against cancer, and particularly aggressive forms of the disease or rare cancers where expertise is limited to only a small number of facilities worldwide.


In addition, our country’s leading cancer centers help bring down the cost of care for all patients by conducting research that leads to new and better treatments, better cancer fighting strategies and increased efficiencies that lead to cost savings. This knowledge is shared among all cancer care providers to benefit patients in the US and beyond our borders.


While every cancer patient may not need to come to MD Anderson, we believe both insurance providers and our health care system must work together to ensure patients have that option so that all of us have the best chance of beating cancer.”


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