HELP THE KITTIES GET 500,000 cans of food from Friskies! It won’t cost you a dime – so help! (click to find out how)


Yesterday at 3:57pm (scroll back) when I posted the kitty video (also link below) I did not realize that if enough people watched it, Friskies would donate 500,000 cans of kitty food!  So, now that I have learned that — in addition to learning we are close – I am reposting this and asking you to watch the video.  It won’t cost you a dime but it could mean a lot for some hungry kitty.  So…WATCH…and one other thing: ASK A FRIEND TO DO THE SAME!  

(PS I used the pic of Grumpy …but Grumpy will NOT be grumpy if you help!)


For every video view, Friskies is donating one can of wet cat food to cats in need (up to the first 500,000 views)


Share this Video and make a cat’s holiday wish come true!


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