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Syria refugee camp

I am headed to a Syrian refugee camp after tonight’s  ON THE RECORD at 7pm.

What is going on in Syria is horrible.  Since wall to wall coverage last summer, it has not gotten better — it has only moved off the media radar screen and that is bad.  Of course we can’t cover every news story all the time, but I do hate it when the media seems to ‘back burner’ a humanitarian crisis.  Everyone covered Syria in August when President Obama was considering military action but it has drifted off the radar screen for most since that time.   I decided it would be  a good idea for me to go to a Syrian refugee camp and see it so that I can better report and so that I can show you (pics/video.)  There is nothing like up close, right?

Millions (estimate about 3 million) have fled Syria since the outbreak of the civil war – leaving behind all they own and having no idea where they were going and whether they would ever see family members or friends again.  Can you imagine what that is life? Living in fear – and fleeing…leaving every memory behind and having only the clothes on your back.  Refugees are not always received well by their host countries…..

There are Syrian refugee camps in Jordan (about 500,000), Turkey (about 700,000), Lebanon (about 800,000), Iraq and North Africa….and that is just for starters.  All the camps are over populated and the conditions are deplorable and no hope in sight.

Here is a story you might find interesting to brief you on the crisis.  CLICK HERE