The other night Dr. Stephen Kiteck was our guest ON THE RECORD at 7pm — read what one of his patients just wrote me


This is a very nice note about a wonderful doctor:

Subject: Dr. Stephen Kiteck, my doctor


Although I didn’t see the interview Tuesday, I understand you interviewed my family doctor, Dr. Stephen Kiteck. I didn’t know about his retirement until I saw his photo on the front page of the local newspaper today.


Dr. Kiteck may seem like a dinosaur to some medical professionals, but they might have a lot to learn from him. While being my physician, he and his staff have taught me so much about preventative health. How many individuals would love to know they have a place they can go in their busy lives, where (as the “Cheers” song says) everyone knows your name; they know your entire family; they work alongside you through all of your various physical needs, and they genuinely care about you? Those places are rapidly disappearing from the American landscape.


It’s interesting that I found out about his retiring today. I spend all day yesterday, trying to find out information about health insurance for my husband and myself. I was so frustrated with how un-affordable this new health care program is, I went to bed feeling good about the fact that -at least – I had Dr. Kiteck. Now I’m not sure what we’re going to do.


He knows we don’t have healthcare and he keeps my office visits very affordable. He has worked tirelessly for my family. He’s a wonderful father of five brilliant children and a wife who is known in Somerset, Kentucky for her generosity and kindness.


If anyone chuckles at his seemingly antiquated approach to doctoring, I dare them to walk in their own doctor’s office and see if the receptionist looks up, smiles and says their name….without first looking at a computer screen.


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