90 year old Syrian woman Rev Franklin Graham and I met in the Iraqi refugee camp – she has no heat and she is deaf


Two hours a day someone lends this woman a heater.  She lives in this tent with her daughter.  She is very cold and I visited her during the time she had the heater.  Look at how wrapped up she is in blankets and that is during the time the heater is there!

The heater helps, but it sure is not great.  This woman just wants to live in her home in Syria but, like thousands of other refugees, she fled for her life with her daughter.  One day she was in her home, and the next she was fleeing with only the clothes on her back….and now lives in a tent surrounded by mud, water, etc.  You can see her wheelchair in one of the pics below (exterior of her tent.)  I also took a pic of her identification — many people fled Syria without even identification.

Samaritan’s Purse is buying 2000 heaters this weekend to have delivered to the refugee camp but so many more are needed.  There are about 17,000 refugees in this refugee camp in Iraq!  Getting the 2000 heaters is only possible because of the many donations people have made to Samaritan’s Purse.  These donates are so greatly appreciated …and needed.

If you want to help, I put the link below that you can click on and donate.  Every cent donated really really really helps.   I know money is tight this time of year and people have lost jobs etc…but even if you gave $20 it would help since there are many of us who blog here on GretaWire.

CLICK HERE if you might be able to help.


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