Pics from my journey with Reverend Franklin Graham to Syrian refugee camp in Iraq – it is hard to believe humans can be this cruel to each other! Imagine terrorizing this child and her mother so much they flee with just their clothes on their backs!

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First….I am so lucky.  I look at all that I have and I hope never for one second that I forget that others are not so fortunate.  I also hope that not for one second do I fail to try to help others as I get wrapped up in my own life. There are so many ways we can help each other — and I don’t mean traveling half way across the world to a refugee camp in Iraq (we can’t all do that of course) but I mean even the nice gesture to a coworker or family member – the person right next to you.  It often doesn’t take a lot, doesn’t cost a dime to help someone.  It just takes doing it.  It takes remembering the ‘the other guy’ exists and that you can do something.

Perhaps the best part of my job is that with my platform on Fox News and on GretaWire, I am able to put a spotlight on stories — whether in the USA or overseas — so that we can each make a decision about what we think about the events of the nation / world or even how we can help.   I am not telling you how to think or what to do  — I am just doing my best to bring you the information.  I am your eyes and ears.  I work for you.  And of course, we can’t fix every problem and there is no shortage of problems  — both at home in USA and abroad.   Some of us even have big problems in our homes  – whether it be health or economic or other –  that are a challenge.   We just do what we can, right?

Second ….I just don’t get it, do you?  Why would anyone want to be so cruel — directly or indirectly — to cause this kind of heartache?  War isn’t just about soldiers….it is also about the innocent  civilians – adults and children.

The Syrian refugee camp in Kurdistan (Iraq) is filled with very nice people….fleeing their homeland and not knowing what is to come.  Imagine how awful things must be that flight to the unknown is better and safer than to stay in their homes.  They are only trying to live…and trying to take care of their children.

If you are a parent, what do you tell your children as you suddenly get them up and leave the only home they have known?  The kids will never see their childhood friends again.   And just think about what it means to flee your country!   You leave with nothing!  Even taking a doll by a little girl is impossible — you can’t carry much and you will be carrying that child and you sure can’t carry toys.  At best, you grab some food (mostly for your child) and you know that food you carry won’t last you or your child forever.  You can carry just so much.  You don’t even know how far you will be going.  You just go.  You leave so quickly that you don’t grab identification !  How do you ever prove who you are?  How do your children prove who they are?   And think about the children born in refugee camps – who are they?  Syrians? Iraqis?

And what happens to your family? Your mother, father, sister, brother, cousins?  You may never see them again and chance are you never even had a chance to say a goodbye.  You saw a window of opportunity to leave to protect your child and you took it and left.  As for your family, they may take off and go to a refugee in another country and you may never be able to track them down again.   In the meantime, you sit in a tent in a refugee camp wondering where are they?  are they ok?   are they cold? hungry? safe?

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I spoke to many refugees in the refugee camp in Iraq and I asked about families and each answer was essentially one of “I don’t know” or “I hope they went to a refugee camp…maybe Lebanon? Jordan?”

But bottom line is that refugees are desperate….and each is just trying to survive.  When your life is this low – just trying to survive – it is really grim.

On the bright side of a very grim situation, I don’t think I have ever seen such kindness as the people of Kurdistan to the refugees in their camp.  Kurds know what it means to be refugees — they fled Saddam and lived in refugee camps in Iran.  The Kurds have not forgotten the misery of being a refugee and they are trying very hard to help the refugees of Syria.  Having now met many Kurds — including the President of Kurdistan — I now am in awe of them.  They are doing their best to give safe haven to these refugees.

I also am in awe of  Reverend Franklin Graham and Samaritan’s Purse.  Reverend Graham went into this refugee camp….saw how cold these thousands of refugees are and immediately directed his Samaritan’s Purse staffers to go get 2,000 heaters.  I know how Reverend Graham works and I know how Samaritan’s Purse works – he issues the directive and it is accomplished immediately.  Samaritan’s Purse is a ‘can do’ and ‘can do immediately’ type operation.  I am also in awe of everyone who sends  money to Samaritan’s Purse to help these refugees.  Every cent really, really, really helps.  CLICK HERE IF YOU CAN HELP.