I have been traveling in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and all the Kurds I spoke to greatly admire President Bush 43 – click

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Of course the Iraq war history is complicated….and so is even the make up of Iraq.  The southern part of Iraq is very different from the northern area.

What struck in my short travels in the Kurdistan region of Iraq is how much the Kurds love President Bush 43 and brought it up to me – I didn’t start the topic, they brought it up to me.  They hated Saddam (remember, he gassed them and more!)  and were thrilled that the American people got rid of Saddam for them (of course he was tried here in Iraq, but captured by American military.)   Several people originated to me their admiration for President Bush 43. 

I was also asked about Oprah by one woman!  Apparently she is a bit of a hit here, too!