Arkansas woman’s letter to the editor on President Obama…read and post your thoughts


A viewer mailed a copy of this op-ed from the local Russellville, Arkansas newspaper…read it and sound off in the comments.

Letter to the Editor: Study the legacy of Obama

Sometimes a person with a great sense of fairness and a superior intellect gains the presidential office of a nation. And when that person is obsessed with the idea that he knows better than do the people not only what they need but also what they want, what a legacy he can carve out for himself.

In the case of our president, his knowledge is so profound that it exceeds that of the founding fathers. He knows better than did they what our Constitution says and means. So, why shouldn’t he transgress upon the legislative powers of Congress and use his executive power to alter those ugly laws that he knows are bad for Americans? And why shouldn’t he engage his administration in favoring those of his ideological persuasion while attempting to restrict those old mean, unfair, uneducated viewpoints espoused by his opponents? After all, when he oversteps the confines of his office, he’s only transforming America into what he knows is best for Americans.

We’re so lucky that the president came up with this idea of spreading the wealth around. Whether we earn it or not, it’s just unfair for some of us to have more money than the rest of us. Why, the president is so dedicated to saving us from the corruption of money that he’s constantly campaigning and taxing in order to get all of that dirty old money out of our hands. He’s a better spender, you know.

An amazing aspect of the president’s intellectual capacity is that he knows better than do we or our doctors what procedures and medicines we need to address our illnesses and physical problems. What a relief it is to let him make all those difficult decisions for us! Surely, he was the first person to sign up himself and his family for Obama Care on October 1. Did I miss that photo-op? I must watch the news for replays. And, let me assure the president that if he likes his Obama Care, he can keep it!

How magnanimous the president is to act on the people’s behalf in belligerently defending an unpopular law that most Americans are simply too unlearned to know that they need it. That’s a legacy that will live in infamy.

Annie SnowDover


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