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I never feel I have to defend myself when I am trying to help someone any place…but I post this viewer email (minus the viewer’s name) below to make 2 important points:

1/  if you criticize others for helping people, you better be doing something yourself to help; and

2/ critics can be dangerous because they run the risk of discouraging others from helping people by their pointed   / critical words.  We need as much help as we can get.  We don’t need people trying to stop others from trying to help any place, and in any way.

Finally, I applaud anyone helping anyone anyplace.   This is not a contest. 

Subject: GretaWire Comments


I saw your report re: helping foreign children. You apparently have not looked our Native Americans (all ages) who have been ignored and in extreme need. Why do neglect our own needs here at hom. This truely disgraceful. D* M***** – Kennewick, WA

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