Congratulations to Robin Roberts of GMA! She has re-signed with the network

Robin Roberts

I like Robin Roberts.  One time she did me a favor while we were both traveling with First Lady Mrs. Bush in the Middle east.  I have never forgotten it.  It may not seem like a big deal to you…but I thought it was.  It gives you a behind the scenes look at her — when the camera is not rolling.  That is when you get the real person — when the cameras are not rolling.   What she did  was professionally generous.  She saw that I could not see what was going on (I am a bit ‘vertically challenged!), and she stepped aside, and ushered me in front of her to make sure that I could see and hear what Mrs. Bush was saying.  It meant that she was in a less advantageous position.  She made that choice to help me.

I like to see really good decent people succeed.

Plus she is smart and talented.

(I am just glad (lucky?) they didn’t put her on at 7pm! Ha!)

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