How do you get fired when you are # 1? That’s the mystery question….I would think NBC management would do everything it could to keep Jay Leno in his time slot, in his show (and that is not to take away from his soon to be replacement – just give his replacement something else that would showcase him!)

Jay Leno

If I ran a broadcast network (and no, no one is asking me…and never will ask me), I would do what I could to woo Jay Leno to my broadcast network.  He has a history of winning.  Sometimes these “suits” who have never been hosts themselves, think they know better.  Well..that sure didn’t work out for NBC “suits” the the last time they fired Leno!

(PS remind me to tell you — my next book after I retire? — how years and years ago, when I worked at CNN, CNN management called me when I was on vacation in Paris, fired me over the phone to my great surprise (surprise because my two shows at CNN were successful)…and then 2 days later called me back on vacation and then rehired me and offered me more money!  Never dull, huh?  It is funny……)

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