What Senator McCain just said on the Senate floor —


(rough notes below from FNC’s Kara Rowland):

McCain, around 2:55 pm

In Syria and Iran … this administration, this president … look at these countries as an arms control issue …

2:56 Here we have the Iranians committing acts of terror all over the world … killing Syrians … plots to kill even the Saudi ambassador here in Washington DC…

But by golly, we trust them to sit down and negotiate with us seriously on the issue of nuclear weapons


This is the most narrow view of Iran that has ever happened in history … so .. I don’t see how you can judge Iranian seriousness about really wanting to rein in their and eliminate their progress toward a nuclear weapon without considering their behavior throughout the world particularly in the midest which is one of aggression terror and outright murder of people and destabilizing the entire region to the Iranian advantage