AMERICAN MILITARY ATTACKED! 4 SERVICE MEMBERS HURT! GRAVE DANGER IN SOUTH SUDAN (not to be confused with the country north of it, Sudan)

South Sudan map

As you know, I have traveled to both Sudan and South Sudan.  We traveled in the region – including to a refugee camp and also into the Nuba Mountains – that is now subject to all the violence.  When we were there, 18 months ago, we were careful to take security because even then the area was dangerous…..obviously it has now deteriorated and it is profoundly worse.  READ:

Attack on U.S. Aircraft Foils Evacuation in South Sudan


Published: December 21, 2013

WASHINGTON — United States aircraft flying into a heavily contested region of South Sudan to evacuate American citizens were attacked on Saturday and forced to turn back without completing the mission, American officials said. Four service members were wounded, one seriously....


….Bor [region of South Sudan] is in an especially violent region that is no longer controlled by government forces…

…..President Salva Kiir, a member of the Dinka ethnic group, has attributed the violence to an attempted coup by former Vice President Riek Machar, who is a member of the rival Nuer ethnic group….

….Analysts and aid officials warned that the fighting could represent the beginning of a very dangerous ethnic conflict in South Sudan, which was born after one of the late 20th century’s bloodiest wars…

….Conditions inside the United Nations base in Bor are deteriorating, Ms. Copeland said, and the South Sudanese civilians and foreign aid workers taking shelter there are in grave danger….”


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