Let’s win the WAR ON POVERTY ! We need new ideas, and a new determination


In about 1965, President Johnson initiated the War on Poverty.  In the last 40+ years, we have lost this war. It has been painful to many Americans and to America.

When President Reagan came into office, he said, “why don’t we win the Cold War?”  At the time, it seemed absurd to think we could….and? well….we did.

So why not try — and really try — to win the War on Poverty.  I know it sounds absurd, but …maybe we can win it.  We just need new ideas (what we are doing is not working obviously or we would have won it already) and we need the inspiration and the spirit to win it.

And, if we tried, it would mean that we need to stop the carping at each other…..you know, the blame game.  We would need to wipe the slate clean and all agree to win the war.

Winning the War on Poverty would help everyone — not just the poor.

So…we need new ideas…new determination.

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