FOREIGN POLICY NIGHTMARE! Click to read! We are in a corner!


This is a nightmare….when I was in Iraq last week I was told by Syrian refugees and others that Al Qaeda is now -in recent months – the dominant rebel group in various parts of Iraq…..we don’t want to back a President (Assad) who gases his own people…but we also don’t want to back Al Qaeda!



Office of the Press Secretary


December 23, 2013


Statement by Press Secretary Jay Carney on the Ongoing Air Assaults by the Syrian Government


The United States condemns the ongoing air assault by Syrian government forces on civilians, including the indiscriminate use of SCUD missiles and barrel bombs in and around Aleppo over the last week. The attacks over the weekend killed more than 300 people, many of them children. The Syrian government must respect its obligations under international humanitarian law to protect the civilian population. The Syrian government must fulfill its November commitment to do more to facilitate the safe and unhindered delivery of humanitarian assistance, so that millions of Syrian men, women, and children have access to urgently needed services. To bring the suffering of the Syrian people to an end, it is imperative that Syrians reach a comprehensive and durable political solution to end the crisis in Syria. The United States remains committed to advancing a political settlement to help end the bloodshed in Syria.


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