As I head to Haiti, a quick note: #1 at 7pm AGAIN! We owe it all to our loyal viewers — thank you!

one, #1

The December numbers are in!  You viewers are loyal!  I see this success as your success since we are ” joined at the hip.”

Wherever I go I now get asked  how do you like the 7pm?  Like?  It is LOVE!  After 11 1/2 years getting home at midnight (and yes, the 10pm was a great job), I can’t even begin to describe how much everyone on OTR staff loves the 7pm! 

Everything about the 7p is different for us.  It is an adventure  (I confess, when you – and yes that means you the viewers -win for 11 1/2 years straight in one hour, it can feel repetitive and not an adventure!)  We are still learning what the 7pm audience appetite is.  We want to program the show in a smart way — smart in content and smart in that it is about the issues and news you are interested in at 7pm.

If you can’t watch at 7pm (at work, driving home, etc.), DVR our OTR at 7pm and watch later.  We want you to watch, and be part of the discussion — and of course the discussion is right here on GretaWire which is timeless.  You can log on here anytime, and from any place.

And let me repeat: THANK YOU !!!  We win our time slot because of you.

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