Haiti – pics to come tomorrow (and a short note from me)

I arrived in Haiti today and it is still pretty chaotic and crowded – except at the Greta Home and Academy where there are armed guards to protect the children, a beautiful grounds, earthquake proof and hurricane proof home, school building, playground etc. Greta Home – under the great stewardship of Samaritan’s Purse – is a great place — a place filled with opportunity. These 80 or so children have a huge challenge in front of them but this Academy is their best chance. Of course there are many neglected children and orphans in this country — I wish we could help more than 80 but we can not.

Just a reminder: in January 2010 this country got hit with an earthquake and 300,000 plus people died and the country is far from recovered.

I will blog later…when I get a better internet connection.

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