Greta Home and Academy in Haiti – Samaritan’s Purse is doing a great job with this orphanage!

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Above is Dave….he was the  youngest but no longer…we have younger children already.  Because the children are orphans, many have to have their ages estimated.  The oldest is estimated at 17 and youngest about 2 years old.

The plan was to have about 70 children…but that grew to about 80.  Plus Haiti requires that the school in the Greta Home Academy accept day students  and that number has now grown to 48.

If you have ever been to Haiti, you know how awful the conditions are — but not at Greta Home and Academy.  Each child has clothes (yes, many kids in Haiti do not), a bed, great food, great education, safety (the walls are about 7 feet high and there is 24/7 security because of the danger in Haiti) and also recreation and fun.

As soon as I log off, my husband and I are going to give each of the children some Christmas presents and also a pair of new running shoes.  I will post more later….

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