If you have never been to Haiti, these pics give you an idea of the city life – click to see

Haiti, Greta Home

Haiti, Greta Home

Above is our police escort to the airport from Greta Home.  You can hire the police to protect you and it is a good idea as Haiti is dangerous — especially for foreigners.  It is not unusual for a car to be hijacked, people kidnapped or robbed or shootings.  I snapped all these pics out the car window as we drove.

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Every where you look people are selling something.  The man above was selling to cars as they slowed down in the congestion.  By the way, due to car congestion and people in the streets, ordinarily it takes two hours to travel about 20 miles from the airport to Greta Home.
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Above is mass transportation.  All the vehicles are brightly colored.

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It is pretty amazing how they balance items on their heads.

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