More pics taken on our drive from Greta Home & Academy to the airport – this is what you see

Haiti, Greta Home


Don’t you wonder how they can balance these items on their heads?  They all do it!

Greta Home, Haiti C (12)

This man (above) is selling things along side the road — you see this every where you look.

C (13)

In pic above, imagine what the earthquake did to dwellings on these mountain sides — they all slid down on top of each other.  More than 300,000 were killed.

C (14) C (15) C (16)

Mass transit below — crowded but colorful.

C (17) C

The coastline is absolutely beautiful — yet people live on top of each other in poverty in the towns.

C1 (1) C1 (2) C1 (3) C1 (4)

Above – see the rooster.C1 (5)

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