What do KFC, Libya and North Korea have in common? Click for answer

I read the paragraph below in the NYT and I thought, ‘what is is about KFC? a new form of diplomacy or even currency?’ The last time I was in North Korea we broadcast ON THE RECORD live from Pyongyang but it was not easy to get the North Koreans to agree. At first they would only agree if we agreed to report that they were getting a KFC in Pyongyang. While we spent days debating whether we could do that or not (is that news? or some sort of pay off to the government that we can’t do?), we got lucky and they changed their mind and said we did not have to do that (or anything else.) For years I have wondered why they were so interested in us reporting about KFC (which as far as I know, they never got) so it is with some interest that I read below about Libya.


“…Yet as the militiamen snacked on Twinkie-style cakes with their American guests, they also gushed about their gratitude for President Obama’s support in their uprising against Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi. They emphasized that they wanted to build a partnership with the United States, especially in the form of more investment. They specifically asked for Benghazi outlets of McDonald’s and KFC….” [from New York Times today ]

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