New York City – most astounding soap opera!

New York City

I usually pay zero attention to what goes on in NYC — I don’t live there and I have never been intoxicated by the thought of living there — but in the past few days, with much time on my hands, and apparently with little self control, I have been reading about it.

Wow!  You can’t make up this stuff!  New York City is wild and maybe out of control.  There is intrigue and debauchery that can include drugs, divorce, (even Christmas holiday dumping, a sentimental favorite, right?), dating (usually short term but splashy, very splashy), jetting off for the holidays with some other famous person to some far away ski slope (not so much for the wonderful outdoors but for those notorious Aspen late night parties) or to some warm island to go to some fancy big New Year’s party (and of course the pay off for all that year long dieting – to stroll in that swim suit and look not so bad, right?), stealing spouses (more splash if both are famous), fighting over money (always in the millions), fighting over children (the cruel part), a new Mayor with a family that behaves like many (yes, some family drug issues), a former President agreeing to swear in the new Mayor which means either the swearing in will be a  high profile event or that the Mayor will be overshadowed by the star power of the former President and it will be “mayor who?”  And it goes on and on and on…

It sounds like a lot of these famous people have way too much time on their hands and the media is only to eager to tell you about it.

At first I thought, who reads this stuff?

Then I found myself reading it.  Oops.  I did.

My next thought, why am I reading this?  Don’t I have better things to do? (Answer, yes, of course.  I obviously have a control problem.  For reasons I don’t understand about myself, I want to find out how things turned out.)

Then I wondered, is this news?  (Answer, maybe….I don’t do you tell?  Is it that we are all reading it? or is that these are famous people? or both?)

Then I invoked some personal discipline and moved on to read my book.  I want to make good use of my time.

But alas…there I was the next day…checking up to see if that woman dumped Governor Spitzer (yet!)  Maybe tomorrow?

PS – Yes, of course there are many millions and millions of good and interesting people in New York City working hard, living their lives, doing good things…..including those who are in the public eye (famous) ..I am just having some fun with myself today — that I read this stuff this holiday.

And of course there is nothing wrong with taking holidays at nice places.  I like to do it, too.

And yes, the media does highlight personal problems.


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