How could anyone – MS/NBC host – be THIS cruel to a child? this really is about as cruel as you can get to a child…

The Romney family adopted an African American child. The Romneys love the child. The child loves them. This is a wonderful story…but not to MS/NBC.

An MS/NBC host mocked the Romneys and thus the child because the family adopted the child.

Yes…adults have thick skin and can take the reckless insults, but an innocent child? caught up in the weakness, petty squabbles and moral depravity of a selfish and mean spirited adult? is this right?  Of course not…..

And I am sure some will say the child is too young to know about the cruelty …but the internet is forever and will learn about it sometime.

In my wildest dreams I can’t understand or imagine anyone being this mean to an innocent child….this really tops all.

Of course there is also the coldness and awful motive of trying to discourage people from opening their homes to any and all children who desperately need a family to raise them and provide love.

Yes…there are some trying to help make the world better for others and then there are the others…..

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