Let’s get something straight – this is NOT the President’s 50th birthday present to the First Lady, it is our gift to her


Right now the President is headed back to Washington, DC from Hawaii on AF1 — a 747.  Mrs. Obama is not on that flight.  The White House press pool reports that she is staying behind in Hawaii and that it is a “gift” from the President for her 50th birthday.

I say, ‘not so fast.’ Who do you think is footing the bill?

I was just told that US taxpayers will be paying for an Air Force plane to fly form Washington, DC (empty, of course) to Hawaii to pick her up and fly back to Washington, DC when she returns home. That hefty price tag will be paid for by the American taxpayers.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Obama from us, the taxpayers.

(And I am assuming my information about her flight is correct…if I hear otherwise I will correct it.)