MEET LEROY – If you have a few extra dollars, please consider donating to Pet Connect Rescue (click to find out how)


Leroy is one of the many pets at Pet Connect Rescue looking for a home.  Here is the good news:  Leroy will get a loving home / family  because Pet Connect is such a great place and so aggressive at finding perfect homes for all their rescues.  Pet Connect Rescue is great!

As you might imagine, it takes money to keep Pet Connect Rescue running.   If you can, please consider donating to them.  It will make a huge difference.   If we all give, even each a small amount, it will make a huge difference since there are so many of us.  (I gave last night.)

By the way, 100 per cent of what you donate goes to the  pets – cats and dogs – since everyone who works there is a volunteer.