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See the email I received – below:


I wonder if the president and many members of congress missed their unemployment checks being in the mailbox this morning. Basically, they have’t worked in 5 years!


There should be some new rules in DC that would establish a little accountability at least.


1. You can not complain about any law you voted for without reading first


2. You can not complain about any law that expired that you failed to extend before the expiration date.


3. You can not send campaign ads, solicit or receive donations or votes from people who have died.


4. You shall read the US Constitution at least one additional time after the 5th grade!


5. You are allowed 20 fund raising events in any given term. Use the days off for those wisely.


6. All campaign literature must be sent through the US mail and not electronically thus using your expense money given to you legally and helping to shore up the postal service business!


7. You must work at least the 280 days per year limit teachers are required to work per school year. You are never too old to learn from a teacher.


8. Join a gym if you please and pay for your own haircuts for the member’s gym and barbershop will be closing. They will re-open in a month run by public owners with a standard rate for service competitive with local gyms and barbershops.


9. The subway running under the buildings will now be pay to ride with a $.25 fare each direction. Members may buy a yearly pass for $500.00 per year. The fee is not eligible to be charged to member’s expense account since walking is always an option. Any member with a doctor’s certified disability may use this system free of charge


10. Any days allocated as time to visit your home districts to confer with your constitutes you must spend at least 4 hours of that day in your office there. These are not vacation days. If you need to travel from one end of your district to another work 8 hours in your office one day and then the next 8 will be free to travel. Schedule your time wisely. Any fund raisers planned during these trips must be held on weekends and not during the workweek.



The People You Work For