What is the significance of the number 12 to ON THE RECORD at 7pm? click to find out …


12? Yes….I have now been at Fox News Channel for 12 years!  Can you believe it? Time really flies…

OTR at 10pm, which was #1 in that time slot for 11 1/2 years until October when we moved to 7pm, did not launch until February 4, 2002…but at this date 12 years ago, I had told CNN I was leaving at the end of my contract with CNN and thus CNN had taken me off the air (benched me.)

I consider two anniversaries – when I was benched (and the future obvious) and when we launched (with all the excitement!)

I am lucky…I love my job…and I love having the relationship with the viewers and bloggers here on GretaWire.  It has been a fascinating 12 years and YOU have been part of each day.

Think of what we have reported on OTR over the years!  Every topic!  I have traveled the world (including places like North Korea several times, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, South Sudan, Uruguay, UAE, Israel, India, China, Italy, France, German, UK, etc) and YOU have traveled there with me.   I have covered wars, hurricanes (who could forget sleeping on a bus in New Orleans which was a million times better than what New Orleans residents were going through!), murder trials, missing people, social issues, politics, 3 Presidential elections, midterm elections etc.

So….onward, right?  I have a cable news show to prepare for — see you at 7pm.

PS –  And on the amusing side, some viewers still send me emails each day which say, ‘go back to CNN!’  I think they ought to admit, after 12 years, I am here at Fox News for the ‘long haul’ — having signed a long term contract last May.  Of course, on the other hand, if you believe all the anonymous source reporting last summer, and by the news outlets that never called and asked me,   I was leaving Fox….go figure, right?  Love those anonymous sources, don’t you?  And I love those lazy journalists who just report what each says! Ha!)