A Governor Chris Christie test ….


If Governor Christie was part of a plot to close the GW bridge for political reasons, he is toast.  It doesn’t get much lower politically than this.  Note: he denies any involvement.

If Governor Christie knew some on his staff was involved, and falsely denied knowing it, he is toast.  While President Obama’s big political tool was / is his ability to inspire with his speeches, Gov Christie’s big political tool was / is blunt straight talk. Cover ups are the antithesis of blunt straight talk.  Note: he denies knowing about this.

It can be fair to be suspicious (many of you may have been suspicious what President Obama knew about the IRS scandal or not…or the Benghazi video stuff), but in the end, it is actual evidence, not suspicion, that matters. Political critics sometimes forget that.

As with many things, how the Governor handles this is very important to his political future.