My Message to Huffington Post: “GIVE IT A REST!”

Huffington Post, Christie

I know….Huffington Post and everyone else loves to find a reason to criticize Fox News Channel. I am flattered they spend so much time watching.  I am so busy during the day I don’t know where they find the time to watch us non stop!  I am working, they are watching.  Imagine spending your day watching someone else do journalism rather than going out and doing your own!


This headline on this Huffington Post article (above) could very well have been (but it might look like we are covering the story and that does not fit the Huff Post agenda on this one) the following:


1/ “GRETAWIRE reports Governor Christie statement at 4:36pm…and then


2/ GRETAWIRE reports the Democratic response at 6:34pm and


3/ ON THE RECORD at 7pm there was a full segment on Governor Christie with journalists from ABC, THE HILL and the WASHINGTON EXAMINER.”


4/ And on GRETAWIRE again this morning at 7:47am (8 minutes before the Huffington Post posted its article) another article about Governor Christie was posted”


So…I did the story 4 times – in 2 mediums (TV and internet) and tweeted it out to my almost 400,000 followers on Twitter before he did his story!  Ha!

Note…deep in the Huff Post article the writer concedes, as he must that we did cover the topic ON THE RECORD at 7pm but it must have killed him! It killed the writer so badly that he tried to minimize it by writing that I did not ‘lead off” ON THE RECORD at 7pm with Governor Christie story.  Shame on me! I thought, in my editorial judgment, that matters involving the President of the United States and the Former Secretary of Defense Gates trumped a story involving a Governor of New Jersey.   That is what I led with.  Maybe next time I should call this guy for editorial guidance?  Apparently he knows….and he doesn’t have an agenda, right?