Now it is TIME MAGAZINE’s turn to GO LAZY ….. and yes, GO STUPID! The crazy ‘telephone game’ that journalists sometimes play!

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Yesterday, I slapped Huff Post around a bit for being lazy.  The post (which you can scroll back and read or click here) had this front page:

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In my posting (above) yesterday morning, I essentially said the Huff Post writer was sloppy (lazy?) and most certainly wrong in its Thursday morning posting as it related to my coverage of Governor Chris Christie.  Scroll back on GretaWire and read it.

 The Huff Post writer in essence falsely suggested that I had not – on Wednesday – paid much attention to the Governor Chris Christie story.  That is wrong.   By the time the Huff Post article had been written and had gone up on their website on Thursday morning that held my reporting in a false light, I had done the following on the Governor Christie story – on internet, tv and twitter:

1/ 4:46pm/Wed: GRETAWIRE posting reporting Governor Christie written statement 

 2/ 6:34pm/Wed: GRETAWIRE posting reporting the Democratic response to Gov Christie written statement

 3/ 7pm/Wed:  on ON THE RECORD,  the first time I was on air after the news broke on Wednesday,  a full segment on Governor Christie with journalists from ABC, THE HILL and the WASHINGTON EXAMINER.”

 4/ 7:47am/Thursday: posted on GRETAWIRE another article about Governor Christie

 So…I did the story 4 times – in 2 mediums (TV and internet) and tweeted it out to my almost 400,000 followers on Twitter before Huffington Post did its story slapping me! 


The foregoing proved the Huff Post article unfair to my reporting and coverage.  

By the time Huffington Post had bothered to write and post its incorrect story (false light story) it was abundantly clear that I was paying lots of attention to the Governor Christie story. I had thought I would hear back from the Huffington Post after posting my blog…fixing their posting….but so far, silence.

So now I read with amusement this morning on TIME MAGAZINE’s website (and their source, Huffington Post):




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“...According to the Huffington Post‘s monitoring, the scandal was not at all mentioned by prime-time talkers Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity, and took a back seat to other stories on Greta Van Susteren’s …”  



Back seat?   That is the description Time Magazine makes about my coverage about Governor Christie?  

Time Magazine is sloppy on this one.  

And sillier?  Time Magazine refers to Huffington Post’s work as ‘monitoring.’  That’s monitoring, getting it wrong? 

This Time writer is  lazy and presumptuous and simply copied some false light story reference to me from Huffington Post.  Time Magazine says Huffington Post is monitoring me – so I ask the question tongue in cheek,  who is monitoring Time Magazine?  I guess I am this morning.  :)  

The Time Magazine article goes even further than Huffington Post wrong assertion  — wondering whether there is some sinister reason for lack of reporting on Christie (which is of course false, I did lots of reporting on it!)  This is where Time Magazine really goes stupid – or maybe delusional.    The writer first concocts in his mind (falsely) that I did little reporting on Christie…and then with his wild imagination wonders if it were command influence at Fox for his made up facts.  I wonder, does this Time Magazine guy live in Colorado? :)  His mind is really flying!

Why do I post this?  Simply to make a point about journalism.  You know I hate the overuse of anonymous sources, but this Time Magazine article points out another flaw in journalism.  There is so little original reporting.  Many just copy each other – often their buddies –  from the internet and never fact check each other.  It seems that if you like the news organization from which you lazily copy rather than do your own work, you take the content as fact and you go with it.  Journalists, columnists, reporters can spend a lot of time just sitting around and reading each other (and getting it wrong) and then repeating it.  

It reminds me of how grateful I am that my law school education (evidence in particular) taught me to seek the facts and that means not just rely on the hearsay remarks of others, in particular a buddy,  like the old fashion telephone game.   You know what happens in the telephone game!

As an aside, I am also grateful to Fox who has spent a fortune over the last 12 years to send me multiple times around the world to do real reporting, get real experience.    News organizations don’t spend that kind of money often any more.    What has happened now in journalism is that reporters, journalists etc. so frequently just read the internet.  That is a problem in every news organization.

Finally…this does not mean that I always get it right or won’t make mistakes. I will mistakes.  But I take this as a reminder to me to do my work as best I can and not go lazy…I am grateful to be reminded once in a while.

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