SLOPPY! BE CAREFUL – stick to the facts whether it be Secretary Hillary Clinton or anyone else

Clinton, Hit List, Politico

I saw this article this morning and thought, “Hillary Clinton put a hit list together? Really?” I then read the article and learned that no, Secretary Clinton did not do this — her staff did.

But, and this is where people get sloppy, by the time everyone in the media finishes talking about the story, they have HRC actually putting the list together.

I only know what I read in this article and it states that people who work on her staff put it together.  I see no indication she was involved or directed it or knew about it.  This is a very important factual distinction.

If we want to be fair, we need to stick to the facts.

If later she is tied to the making of this list in anyway, that would be a different story and fair to report as fact.  But to suggest it based on this article is sloppy and wrong.