Ed Henry put this question about Benghazi to Press Sec Jay Carney – click to read

Ed Henry

From FNC’s Joy Lin:

Q: Ed Henry: you said we did not know it was a terror attack. why if leaders said they knew, would you say that?

14:20:00 of course it was an attack, the facility was attacked. know there’s an effort to color outside lines but not accurate

14:20:21 attack that led to deaths of four americans

14:20:30 i think there has been a lot of reporting on this and there has been a lot of inaccurate reporting, not just this case of selectively releasing to media outlets

Q: to the public

14:21:00 that we’re saying nto attack, house is blue, of course it was an attack.


Q: Ed Henry: panel explored conf call about 9/11 anniversary. you put out press release about force posture, making sure prepared around the world. dempsey told panel libya didn’t come up and after call, no directive to change our force posture, libya or anywhere. in that press release where you said POTUS had this meeting, was that an exaggeration?

14:21:55 our military and commanders don’t wait until sept 10 to prepare for sept 11 anniv

14:22:13 don’t know whether libya was discussed, there was a lot of unrest in the region and that was a concern

14:22:32 not really sure what, you can address q’s about force posture to defense

14:22:44 if saying not enough force to protect lives of four in Libya, i think that’s clear

14:22:56 that’s why state and others have acted on review by ARB