Reverend Jeremiah Wright had these words about President Obama today


Below are notes from FNC Griff Jenkins who went to Reverend Jeremiah Wright speech today in Chicago:




Rev Jeremiah Wright: We need to teach the truth about our politicians, from Bush to Barack. Because very clearly it is not about the person, it is about the policies of this government. King said “I have a dream.” Barack said, “I have a drone.”


We need to teach the truth about our politicians and the policies of this country. Every Tuesday morning there’s a kill list that the President decides who he will kill this week. That’s not the man [inaudible]. That’s a man controlled by government. A government based on racism, militarism, and capitalism.


We need to teach the truth, even if it’s painful. Even if they don’t want to hear it. There’s a revolution of values and disciplines that are taught by the professionals in this room is a revolution. A true revolution. We value all people. It’s a revolution in which we treat principles as non-negotiable. It’s a revolution where we value all peoples. Dr. Janice Hale’s cultural prism is this prism by which I suggest we have to look at our peoples. We need to value Asian children, Hispanic children, Latino children – all of this is consistent with King’s philosophy. Afro-Caribbean children, middle income children, upper-income children, lower-income children, poor and no income children and homeless children – we need to value them as equals.


It was not until Trinity Church got into early childhood education – pre-school education – that I found out that some of our preschool students are homeless. We need to value them too.


For the ministers, an important footnote: Dr. Carlos Moore, the Cuban historian, constantly pushes me to come to grips with the fact that some of the racism and hatred is related to the fabric of the sacred texts, and the way they are interpreted. Not only Christianity, but also Judaism, the Babylonian Talmud, Islam, which says a slave [inaudible] only be black, Buddhism, to the sexism and misogyny in the Hindu texts, hatred is taught as a sacred truth. That bible belt teaching isn’t the only place where religion is taught with racism. The children, our peoples, come from homes where that hatred is taught consciously, and sometimes unconsciously.